Anna and Marcin, known in Bulgaria as Annie and Martin.

From: Warsaw, Poland.

Met in 2001 in high school and have been on various trips together since. In 2013 we quit our jobs and went for a first longer trip which, in a way, has never really ended.

Anna – pharmacist by education, worked organizing clinical trials of new medicines, also did food related things (recipes and photography, lectures and workshops etc.). Now teaching English online. Hobbies: overthinking; learning, reading and writing, gardening and wild plants, dancing, human behavior and the pursuit of happiness

Marcin – English philologist by education, worked as an English teacher and for a while also as a bicycle mechanic; now also online teaching. Hobbies: tinkering with stuff, assembling and disassembling things, nowadays relaxes making wooden handles for garden tools xD



При счупената планина
В началото на март